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Hesston Public Library

If you've talked to us about the Summer Reading Program, you've seen we are doing things a bit differently this year for the "Reading Challenge." Thanks to Newton Public Library for sharing their process.

Each week, June through July, we'll have a new "Reading Ticket" available for pick up. The tickets are filled with lots of options to keep you and the kids reading (as well as collecting great surprises).

Oh dear, one of our librarians has a problem! We have ALLLLLLL these fantastic new games at the library, and she has no one to play with. So we were thinking about starting Grown-Up Game Nights.
(Think about it....whole evenings that don't involve "Candy Land" or "Sorry" or breaking up fights about whose turn it was.)
But we'd like a little input from the community to get us started. Most importantly, if this is something that would interest you, what evening would work best? Obviously, we won't be able to catch everyone, but scheduling them when nobody can show up isn't a great plan, either. Also, would you prefer that it be just for adults, or is there interest in letting teens join us?


As a 21st century library, we are and strive to be more than just a storeroom for books. We offer programs and services to help meet the needs of our community, and we are always open for suggestions on ways we can serve you better. Some of our current services include:

  • Free internet access: We have seven patron computers available for general public use (subject to our Internet Use Policy) and two Early Literacy Stations for children. We also have free wireless internet throughout the library if you choose to bring your own laptop or mobile device.
  • Story Time: Each school year, preschoolers are encouraged to attend weekly Story Time. Kids will enjoy engaging stories and activities designed to promote an early love of reading and learning.
  • Summer Reading Program: Each summer, kids and adults are invited to join us on our Summer Reading Program adventure. Special events will take place each summer, and readers who complete their summer reading goals will receive a prize.
  • Copying/printing, scanning and faxing: We have a public use copy machine available at a nominal fee of 10 cents a page for black and white and 25 cents for color. Faxing is available for $1 a page. Library staff will scan a reasonable number of documents at no charge as time permits. For scanning, please call ahead if possible.
  • Home delivery: For those unable to get to the library, we will bring the library to you! Contact the library if you are interested in having books delivered by calling (620.327.4666) or emailing (hesstonpubliclibrary@gmail.com). We also are able to help select and prepare books for individuals who send others to the library to pick up their books.
  • Schowalter Villa and Hickory Homes libraries:  We provide a rotating collection of fiction and nonfiction, regular and large print books to each of these locations.

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